DEF MIX (prélude)
by Clément Paradis
[Hors Collection]

Softcover, saddle-stitched
12 pages, b&w
A5 (21,00 × 14,80 cm)
No texts

Released November 2013

limited edition of 50 copies - signed

out of print | 5.00 €

DEF MIX (prélude)
by Clément Paradis

During one year, Clément Paradis has been working on his "Def Mix" series - "for years I have been shooting my everyday life" he said "this year, I had less money, so I shot it all on 4-5 rolls only, re-using them over and over." But money is just an excuse: "I wanted to see it all squished together. Essentielly, what is this everyday? What if all the experiences were mixed together?" That's the Def Mix. But this booklet is just a "prélude". A first selection of shots, "to see how those shots can work together", explains the author. And it definitely works, so well we have signed copies for you, while you wait for the final project to be edited!


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