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Clément Paradis

Clément Paradis was born something like 4 decades ago. Photographer, university teacher, art and photography historian with a penchant for literature and olfactory culture, he is the founder of Timeshow Press.
As an author and photographer, his creations play an important role in his research, enabling him to think both theory and practice. In a spirit of experimentation, he created works of various kinds, which have been the subject of some twenty exhibitions in France and abroad, notably at the Voies Off festival in Arles and at Gallery Niépce in Tokyo.
Although his artistic work has mainly been developed around two intertwined media (photography, whether silver or digital, and books), it is constructed as a reflection on two notions that have clashed throughout the history of photography: description and narration. While the descriptive capacities of these images have fascinated scientists and journalists alike, their narrative abilities have not escaped the notice of artists, documentary filmmakers and a whole commercial sphere that perceives the rhetorical power of photography when it is captured by an appropriate device.
Today, he explores, studies and attempts to demystify this act of "recapture" by creating artist's books and exhibition devices capable of modalizing or "neutralizing" the descriptive seduction of images, and thus thinking about degrees of distancing from photography. The book and the edition are thus the necessary moments to give meaning to the chaos of the photographic archive. The editions, produced in small runs of 8 to 100 copies, and sometimes as one-offs, become organized worlds. Through the use of poor images, alternating black and white and color, modest or luxurious editorial materials, connoting expeditious readings (like puff paper) or attentive readings (like photo paper), he also endeavors to shift the narrative, to make palpable for the reader the production of meaning in which he or she participates. These works take note of the various ways in which photography has been used in the public and media spheres, and seek to materialize the confusion of time and space that photography has introduced into the history of representations, while at the same time enabling the most detailed observations.

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