by Romain Gavidia & Clément Paradis

96 pages, b&w
22,90 × 15,20 cm
Texts in french & english

released March 2014

limited edition of 100 copies

Limited Edition of 10 also available including a signed & numbered 6x9 cyanotype print on Arches 300g paper

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by Romain Gavidia & Clément Paradis

“Another day waking up for no reason” – that’s how everything seem to start now in our big cities. Condamné à marcher seul (in English, “Sentenced to walk alone”) invites the reader to take a look in the broken mirror of our occidental reality, in a world offering no catharsis, no respite. This reality, writer Romain Gavidia and photographer Clément Paradis saw it. Through their texts and photographs, they propose a provocative testimony: what it is like to walk among zombies? Are we alive? Are we sure? Photographic notes, pieces of a poetic diary, Condamné à marcher seul is all that, quick and dirty. We have everything to waste but time. While the thick blacks of the photographer’s pictures seem to stick like glue, the poet manages to look up, to try a last dialogue at a vanishing cosmical level. And lights up a cigarette – who are we to demand so much?


The cyanotype print of the special edition!

The special edition of Condamné à marcher seul!